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Volunteer Bank

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what is volunteer bank?

The Biggest Volunteer Netowrk.

We are a non-profit organization that believes that working with you can make the world a better place. We collect information about people who are willing to share their time to help others. We work closely with many NGOs to assign volunteers and share available volunteers to provide immediate help when needed.

what we do



‘‘A single spark can start a huge blaze.’’

Volunteer Bank

SINCE 2022

Our Mission



We start by collecting your personal information and why you want to support. We will check your profile and add it to volunteer database, the Volunteer Bank.


Once help is needed, we will select the right helpers from the Volunteer Bank to help the right people. We strictly abide by and abide by the privacy policy, and will not disclose your personal sensitive information without your consent.


The right person will be assigned to the right NGO and assigned to the right position. Your entire process is covered by Volunteer Bank, and we will protect you from start to finish. We will monitor the performance of volunteers and NGOs to make sure everything is functioning properly.