Popular Monaco Typical Food, The Taste Tempts Faith!

Popular Monaco Typical Food, The Taste Tempts Faith!

Monaco is a European country which is famous for its natural beauty. In addition, this country also has a variety of culinary tours that are rich in taste. Starting from appetizers, main dishes, to desserts, this country is famous for its delicacy.

Monaco’s special food has flavors ranging from sweet, salty, savory, to tempting creamy. Here’s, seven popular Monaco specialties, delicious tempting faith!


Barbajuan is a food that is generally served as an appetizer. The ingredients include onions, rice, green onions, spinach and Parmesan cheese. The taste is cheesy, crunchy, crispy, and added with selected spices, of course, makes it the target of many tourists.

This national dish is also usually served on 19 November which is the country’s national day.


Fougasse is a type of flatbread. It is made from a dough of flour, salt and yeast and spices such as sage, rosemary and thyme. Then smeared with olive oil during the roasting process.

Giving toppings is mandatory to make food more delicious by using cheese, almonds, or nuts.


This Monaco specialty is a famous fish dish that has roots in France’s second largest city, Marseille. The traditional bouillabaisse is made from three varieties of fish, namely European conger, sea robin and red rascasse. The aromatic herbs and spices that go into the manufacturing process make this food unique from others.

The fish is prepared along with the other ingredients and then thickened and seasoned with rouille sauce, which is a sauce made from breadcrumbs, olive oil, garlic, cayenne pepper and saffron.

However, in Marseille, this broth made from vegetables such as potatoes, celery, leeks, onions and tomatoes is placed in a soup plate along with slices of bread and rouille sauce, while fish is placed in another large dish.

Tomates la Monegasque

Tomates la Monegasque is a traditional Monaco dish. This dish is a stuffed tomato and is made by combining large tomatoes with tuna, boiled egg, mustard, green onions, mayonnaise, lettuce and seasonings.

The tops of the tomatoes are cut and the flesh and seeds are removed. Then the inside of the tomato is rubbed with salt to remove the water. The tomato flesh is mixed together with the eggs, mayonnaise, tuna, chopped chives and mustard, then the combination is tossed into the tomatoes.

Serve this with the tomato tops that have been chilled in the fridge for a few minutes. This food is generally served on lettuce leaves.

Pan Bagnat

Pan bagnat is a type of sandwich made from whole wheat bread filled with a sumptuous salad of boiled eggs, raw vegetables, anchovies, pepper, salt and olive oil. This food is a delicious appetizer, but not a few also eat it as a breakfast menu. Since the filling is vegetables, it is fresh, juicy and definitely healthy.

Fish Stew Bouillabaisse

What it is: A famous fish dish with roots in Marseille, France’s second largest city. The traditional bouillabaisse consists of three varieties of fish, namely sea robin, European conger and red rascasse. The aromatic spices and herbs that go into its preparation make it unique from others. The fish is prepared with the other ingredients, thickened and seasoned with a rouille sauce (made using breadcrumbs, olive oil, cayenne pepper, garlic and turmeric).

However, back home, a broth made from vegetables such as celery, potatoes, leeks, tomatoes and onions is placed in a soup plate along with slices of bread and rouille sauce with fish which is placed on a separate large plate. Once placed on the table, all the ingredients were served in a large soup plate together.

What it tastes like: Thick and flavorful, while added spices give it an aromatic taste.

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