Types of HR Training

Types of HR Training

The following are the types of HR training and development that you can do:

1. Skill Training (HR Skills Training)

Skills training or skill training is a type of training that is often carried out in every company. Skills training programs are relatively simple as assessing needs or deficiencies and then identifying them through a careful assessment.

2. Retraining (HR Retraining)

Retraining is providing the skills needed by employees to deal with changing work demands. Through this, employees can be more confident in completing work.

3. Cross Functional Training

Cross functional training or cross functional training is training that involves human resources or employees to carry out work activities in other fields besides the work assigned. This exercise aims to improve communication and synergy between functional groups.

4. Team Training (Team Training)

Team training is carried out by working together consisting of a group of individuals to complete work in order to achieve common goals in a work team. Team training is usually carried out outdoors by implementing several games but it is not uncommon for team training to also be carried out in the office.

5. Language Training

Language training for HR is important because in the future or even now several local companies are connected with foreign companies. With language training, employees can improve foreign language communication and can provide additional value to employees.

6. Technology Training

Some companies or functions definitely implement the technology. For example, digital marketing, developers, and administration. Technology training aims to improve employee productivity and skills.

7. Creativity Training (HR Creativity Training)

Creativity training or creativity training is HR training by providing opportunities to express ideas as freely as possible based on rational values. These ideas can later be developed to build a better company. Those are several types of HR training and development that you can do. By conducting regular training and development, you can ensure that the human resources you have are of increasingly good quality. With better HR quality and management, your company can progress and develop.

Examples of employee training programs can be applied periodically. Apart from that, you also have to ensure that business finances are in good and stable condition. With good finances, companies can develop more easily. For that, try to start doing business financial management. Use the help of company accounting software to manage business finances more easily and comfortably. Journal is an online accounting software that can ensure your business finances are running well.

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