The Rooms at the Monsoon Lodge

The Rooms at the Monsoon Lodge

How to get to the room, there are two options. The first way is by walking, through the darkness of the national park night. While the second way is to use a pickup truck that has been modified into a double decker car or a two-level car. Some of the foreigner guests might choose the first way, they prefer to walk everywhere. However, I, as an Indonesian who happens to be tired of choosing the easy one.

Take a special car if you want to go anywhere in The Menjangan Resort
Sitting pretty on the double decker to Monsoon Lodge was the wisest way at that time. Even then it takes about 5 minutes by car. Maybe if you walk it will take about 10-15 minutes. This Monsoon Lodge is one of the room areas owned by The Menjangan Resort, in addition to several other types, namely the Beach Villa which is near the beach, and The Menjangan Residence which is the most expensive type (I think). However, for a travel blogger like me, being able to stay at the Monsoon Lodge is a pleasant experience. The rooms at the Monsoon Lodge are made around the swimming pool which is in the middle. Meanwhile, the location is surrounded by the natural forest of the West Bali National Park. Because the atmosphere is still so natural, there is no need to set an alarm to wake you up when morning comes. The melodious wail of the sound of birds in the morning can definitely wake anyone up instantly (except me).

As a result of the bad news, I finally decided to take the option of flying with Garuda Indonesia’s “child”, namely Citilink. Apart from the factor of feeling safe and comfortable because this airline is one company with Garuda Indonesia, I also think that this airline will also remain disciplined, there will be no drama of delays, even though later there will be conditions that can allow delays to occur. At first, we were hunting for plane tickets through online travel applications such as Traveloka and tiket[dot]com for this Citilink airline, where it was found that the cheapest price was around 1.3 million for a one-way flight from Jakarta to Bali. Wow! Even though at that time we did a search around 1 month before the scheduled departure. I see the ticket price is ONLY 500 thousand for one flight from Jakarta to Bali, which is even though it’s high season, like last long-weekend season. I chose May 10 2018 as our departure day, and May 13 2018 as our return date from Bali to Jakarta again. See? You can see the dates that are visible to the naked eye, how expensive are the flight tickets for the favorite holiday destinations of all Indonesian people?

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