5 Typical Indonesian Luxury Restaurants in Jakarta to Taste the Richness of Indonesian Cuisine

5 Typical Indonesian Luxury Restaurants in Jakarta to Taste the Richness of Indonesian Cuisine

Fine dining in restaurants that provide a variety of western food has become commonplace. Have you ever thought about inviting your boyfriend to eat at a fancy Indonesian restaurant in Jakarta? Maybe you think, what’s special, at home you can also eat Indonesian food.

Make no mistake, Indonesian food is no less luxurious than foreign food. Moreover, with the richness of our culture, the various ways of cooking Indonesian dishes, and the presence of hundreds of types of Indonesian special spices, Indonesian cuisine is increasingly complex and actually richer in taste than western food.

So, there is no reason to put Indonesian restaurants second. So, if you are more determined to experience fine dining with Indonesian-style food, here are 10 Indonesian luxury restaurants in Jakarta.

1. Anthology

reported from, this typical Indonesian luxury restaurant occupies one of the heritage Dutch houses in Menteng. First opened in 2007. The place is so beautiful that you can mutter “wow” many times from the first time you set foot in Bunga Rampai.

This typical Indonesian restaurant is not only popular among expats, but is also one of the favorite restaurants for our heads of state. Each area in Bunga Rampai has a different decoration, but still has the same big theme: colonial.

2. Goela Flower

Kembang Goela is one of the places to eat premium class Indonesian cuisine which is located in the middle of the city, namely the Sudirman area. Even though the location is strategic, the location of this luxury restaurant in Jakarta is quite hidden, in a separate building inside Plaza Sentral.

If you’re curious, the word Kembang Goela is actually the language of the old days of candy which is rarely used anymore. The interior of this restaurant is beautified with colonial style and various antique displays that can make you amazed.

3. Smells sweet

This luxury restaurant in Jakarta is truly unique! Apart from serving the luxury of Indonesian food and presenting the elegance of traditional Javanese nuances in every corner of the room, Harum Manis also regularly exhibits Indonesian culture through music and theater performances.

Educating guests, both tourists and local people, with Indonesian culture is one of Harum Manis’ missions that deserves a thumbs up. You can enjoy this exciting show wrapped in a warm and comfortable atmosphere typical of the Ningrat House while accompanied by some delicious Indonesian food.

4. Paleis Kunstkring Monument

Do you want to feel a super romantic atmosphere while fine dining at a luxurious Indonesian restaurant in Jakarta? Come to the Kuntskring Paleis Monument which used to be the place where the Buddha Bar stood. This is the perfect place to enjoy Indonesian food while admiring some of the age-old works of art.

The Kunstkring Paleis Monument has transformed an old Dutch heritage building that used to be an immigration building into a legendary restaurant with 7 extraordinary thematic dining rooms. Guaranteed you will not regret fine dining here.

5. Lara Djonggrang

Dining at Lara Djonggrang feels like being in an antique house and a museum all at once. Lara Djonggrang is one of the restaurants managed by Tugu Hotels Group besides Tugu Kuntskring Paleis and Dapur Babah in Jakarta.

True to its name, this fine Indonesian restaurant documents the legend of the mysterious and mystical Lara Djonggrang in a uniquely romantic setting throughout.

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