Nightlife in the City

Nightlife in the City: Ten of the Best Bars and Pubs in Tokyo

If you’re looking for the best bars in Tokyo for a great night out on the town, then you’re in luck. The bar scene in Tokyo is one of the best in the world. Many of Tokyo’s best bars and restaurants can be found in the Shinjuku area, but areas like Shibuya, Minato, Chuo, and Setagaya are also known for their best restaurants and bars in celestina rooftop.

1. Ben Fiddich

For the best in the art of mixology, head to Ben Fiddich in Shinjuku. This small, 15-seat cocktail lounge has a relaxed vibe. This bar first opened in 2013, and it didn’t take long for it to establish itself as one of the best bars in Tokyo. The quirky décor features an old European-style bar and a traditional Japanese pharmacy, complete with classical music and dim lights to relax you while you enjoy your cocktail. You can choose your preferred base alcohol, and your unique cocktail recipe will be created on the spot using local herbs and spices. The bar’s owner, Hiroyasu Kayama, is a connoisseur of absinthe-loving cocktails, so be sure to try at least one of his absinthe cocktails.

2. What the Dickens!

You wouldn’t think an authentic British pub could be one of the best in Tokyo, but this is the most accurate description of What the Dickens! This lively pub where you can enjoy classic British pub food in Tokyo – like pie and fries, or chicken and fries – is only a few minutes from Ebisu Station. You’ll also find a range of British beers on tap, including Stella Artois, Guinness, London Pride, as well as a range of lagers, stouts, ales and even ciders! Local bands put on live music every night at no extra cost, making this a great place to grab a beer and chill to the music. The bar also hosts regular stand-up shows.

3. Nikka Blender’s Bar

Nikka whiskey is considered one of the finest whiskeys in the world, having come to the top of numerous international competitions in the last two decades. If you are a Nikka fan or whiskey in general, then don’t miss a visit to Nikka Blender’s Bar in the Nikka Whiskey Headquarters building in Minamiaoyama. This place is a short walk from Omotesando Station. You can choose from a wide selection at the bar, from blended distilled whiskeys, to single malts, new whiskeys and out-of-production whiskeys. Nikka Blender’s Bar is also known for its quality bar food, such as the pork chop sandwiches and grilled sausages, which are great with whiskey.

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