Vacation to Greece? Come on, Try This Typical Greek Food!

Vacation to Greece? Come on, Try This Typical Greek Food!

Greece is a country that is included in the list of mandatory destinations for couples who want to honeymoon abroad. The charm of Santorini and historical sites in Greece are indeed the main attraction. It’s no wonder that many tourists from Indonesia are interested in visiting this country.

Not only is the tour an attraction for tourists, the delicious and unique Greek food is also the target of tourists. Moreover, this typical Greek food is not sold in many other countries like typical Chinese or Italian food. So, once you get the chance to go on vacation to Greece, don’t forget to try these typical Greek foods that you recommend.


What comes to your mind when you see this typical Greek food? Maybe you’ll think of lasagna. The appearance of Moussaka is somewhat similar to lasagna. However, this food is made of layers of fried eggplant, minced meat, and potatoes. After being topped with a creamy b├ęchamel sauce, the moussaka is baked until it is golden brown.

Almost all restaurants in Greece sell Moussaka. However, you have to be patient waiting for this dish to be cooked because the process of making and roasting it is quite long. Nonetheless, the delicious taste of Moussaka will make you not regret that you waited a long time.


Fasolatha is a soup dish that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Greece. Although not very famous, this soup offers a very delicious taste that you may have never tasted before.

The ingredients for making white bean soup are actually very simple. Apart from white beans as the main ingredient, Fasolatha is also mixed with other spices, such as tomatoes, carrots, onions, celery, parsley, bay and thyme leaves. A bowl of Fasolatha will make your days warmer and more enjoyable.

Pita Bread

According to, pita bread is synonymous with Middle Eastern dishes. However, in Greece you can also find pita bread which is no less delicious than the typical Middle Eastern pita bread. These flatbreads are filled with vegetables, eggs, minced meat, onions and mayonnaise. To add to the taste, traders also often sprinkle cheese on top.

The taste of this typical Greek pita bread is really savory. In addition, the contents are quite a lot also makes us full longer. Typical Greek pita bread is usually enjoyed with tzakiki sauce (yogurt, cucumber and garlic) or taramasalata sauce made from fish roe.


Not only popular in the Middle East, hummus is a type of spread or spread made with chickpeas, sesame, olive oil and lemon. Hummus has been around for many years for helping with weight control, blood sugar levels, and keeping the heart healthy. Not only that, the olive oil contained in hummus has the power to reduce inflammation, nourish the brain, prevent heart disease, and fight cancer.


Like hummus, tzatziki is also popular as a spread or spread in typical Greek cuisine. Tzatziki is made from Greek yogurt, cucumber and olive oil. The consistency is thicker than regular yogurt. In a 100 gram package of tzatziki there are 10 grams of protein which is important, especially for people who eat healthy foods. Consuming tzatziki can help reduce hunger, increase metabolism, and regulate hunger-causing hormones.


Listed in healthy soup recipes from around the world, avgolemono is a traditional Greek soup. This dish is made with chicken, lemon, egg and pasta or rice. Simply put, avgolemono is the Greek version of chicken soup. Since centuries ago, avgolemono has been used to treat people suffering from flu or fever.

Not only does it increase immunity, avgolemono also contains lots of protein but is served with low calories. However, be aware of the sodium content which may be too high for those who are sensitive.


The first typical Greek dish is spanakopita. This one dish is made from a mixture of boiled spinach, minced meat and feta cheese wrapped in a soft pasta skin. In serving, spanakopita will be grilled until it turns brown, then served with sauce and smoked meat.

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