Typical Albanian Food Recommendations

Typical Albanian Food Recommendations

Albania is a country located in southeastern Europe which is bordered by Turkey, Serbia, Switzerland and Italy. This country is known as a country that has high tolerance between religions. Those of you who want to vacation in Albania must visit several interesting cities such as Tirana, Gjirokastra and others. Besides that, you also have to taste typical Albanian food which is full of taste. This tempting taste is guaranteed to make you addicted to coming back to this country.

Going on vacation without enjoying the specialties of the region feels definitely lacking. Yes, for that, apart from enjoying cultural, historical and natural tourism, you also have to enjoy typical Albanian food.

Ferges (Summer Stew)

Ferges is, without a doubt, one of Albania’s most traditional dishes. This dish mainly consists of tomato sauce, cottage cheese, green peppers and garlic.

The main reason why this dish is called a summer stew is that many Albanians like to eat it after it has cooled down.

The best way to eat this dish is to let it cool for about 2-3 hours. This provides a thicker consistency and makes the ingredients stand out more.

Ferges are usually eaten only with bread. I usually dip the toast into the dish and eat it.

This dish isn’t really a typical menu choice in Albanian restaurants, but you can try it in country restaurants that serve traditional food.


This appetizer is a delicious dish that Albanians usually eat before meat-based dishes.

It’s usually served in summer as it gets a little cold when served. This dish is made with Greek yogurt, cold water, cucumber slices and salt.

The appetizer has the consistency of a soup, so usually this dish is served in a bowl.

The taste is very similar to the traditional Albanian drink dhalle. This is the reason why many foreigners are surprised when they see tarator served in a bowl.

This appetizer is much liked by the older generation because young people prefer dhalle because it is more practical to consume.


Albanian pie remains one of the most beloved traditional dishes. People love it because they can take their pie with them on the go for a quick meal or snack.

There are many types of fields that can be included in the byrek . These include meat, spinach & feta cheese, onions & tomatoes, or cottage cheese, which are the most popular of all.

This dish not only has a variety of fillings, but can also come in many different forms. This all depends on the region in which you try it.

Byrek is usually served with Greek yogurt or dhalle.

The older generation usually eat byrek after the main course. Others eat it most often as a quick snack or as a dessert plate.

Albanians still make byrek at home, although you can also find it in local restaurants and shops that specialize in this pie.

Yogurt casseroles

Tavë kosi is considered by many Albanians to be Albania’s national dish (or at least, one of many!), and it’s a traditional dish you can’t leave without trying it.

Tavë kosi is a type of baked casserole, and is made using a base of meat (usually lamb) and yogurt. In fact, yogurt is its main ingredient, and the name tavë kosi would translate directly into English as “yogurt casserole”. The final product is quite different in that the yogurt is prepared by hand using large batches of beaten eggs, giving the dish a quiche-like consistency after baking in the oven.

Tavë kosi is traditionally prepared using lamb, although chicken is also a common ingredient. The meat is added to rice, along with spices like oregano and garlic, before being mixed into a butter and flour roux. Yogurt is then layered on top, allowing it to rise to a beautiful thick crust as the dish cooks the page here.

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