A place to eat old school fried chicken that tastes legendary

A place to eat old school fried chicken that tastes legendary

Don’t ever get bored, simple dishes like traditional fried chicken are delicious to eat anytime. Here are five dining areas that have the legendary fried chicken. If you are tired of breaking your fast with Western or Oriental dishes, a simple menu like fried chicken with old school or traditional spices can be an option. In Jakarta, there are many good ‘old school’ fried chicken places. Of course, this fried chicken eating area is already legendary and has loyal customers for decades. Even though it uses a simple concoction of spices, the processed fried chicken here is guaranteed to increase your appetite. Especially if eaten together with chili sauce and fresh vegetables.

1. Blessed Fried Chicken

In the Melawai area, South Jakarta, there is the Ayam Goreng Berkah restaurant which has been around since 1963. Every day this restaurant is always full of visitors, who are willing to stand in line to get a seat.

For processed fried chicken, it is fairly simple, namely the chicken is dipped together with typical Javanese spices and then fried until crisp. Here we use native chicken, so that the texture of the meat tastes more savory and slightly sweet. Besides that, the complementary menu is clearly tempeh, liver gizzard, and tamarind vegetables.

Until now this area has never been quiet. The price range is from Rp. 31,000 – Rp. 62,000 per village fried chicken. You can choose the uduk rice menu or white rice available here.

2. Sticky Mat Fried Chicken

Founded in 1973, the simple Nasi Goreng Mat Lengkek food stall has never lost its customers. Even President Jokowi likes to eat nasi uduk and fried chicken there. Similar to other Nasi Uduk stalls, the menu offered is fried chicken, liver ampela, jengkol stew, and chicken skin.

Of course, the fried chicken here uses native chicken. Seasoned with yellow ungkep seasoning, the taste is savory and tender. Not to forget the Betawi uduk rice which is the mainstay of the menu here, which makes this traditional fried chicken even more delicious. Especially since the Mat Lengket shop went viral on social media, the lines have doubled. The price itself is still affordable, a piece of fried chicken is priced at Rp. 21,000, unless you are willing to add nasi uduk, the price is Rp. 9,200 per portion.

3. Mother Hajj’s Fried Chicken

In the Jatinegara area, there is Ibu Haji Fried Chicken restaurant which has been open for 60 years. Had burned down in 1998, but this restaurant still survives until now. The menu provided is quite simple, only fried chicken and tamarind vegetables. The distinctive feature of this fried chicken is its bright yellow seasoning, and large pieces of free-range chicken. Besides that, the red chili sauce dipping, which is combined with tamarind vegetables, is no less delicious. Available includes fried empak which is provided along with serundeng. The price is still not expensive, a piece of yellow-seasoned free-range chicken costs IDR 23,000. You can also add fried beef lung for IDR 21,000 to make it more delicious.

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