The Largest EV Companies in the World

The Largest EV Companies in the World – The Electric Vehicle (EV) industry is a lot older than most people realize. The first electric car was invented in 1832 by Robert Anderson, with a top speed of 14 miles per hour. Thankfully, these  EV companies around the world have taken the basic concept and developed vehicles that are comfortable, convenient, and state-of-the-art. Review the top vehicles by sales and manufacturers to learn more about this trending industry. Here are the top five EV models by total global sales.

The Largest EV Companies in the World

Lucid Motors

The former chief engineer of the Tesla Model S, Peter Rawlinson, founded Lucid Motors in 2007, which has one model: the Lucid Air.
EV startup Lucid Motors currently only has one model: the Lucid Air. This luxury sedan offers an impressive range of 520 miles per charge and can reach 60 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds.

Project Gravity, Lucid’s EV SUV, was originally set to be released in 2022. The date has been moved to 2024 and may be pushed back further. Lucid Motors is known for its luxury vehicles and its batteries that are used in Formula E race cars.


Founded in 2009, Rivian is also committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly manufacturing.
Instead of focusing on luxury sedans, Rivian, one of the most popular car types in the EV industry, has developed more adventurous, off-road EVs.

Rivian currently has two models: the R1S and the R1T. These electric vehicles are hailed as the first electric pickup truck and the first electric adventure vehicle. They boast off-road capabilities, stylish interiors, and design features that blend in more with traditional vehicles when compared with the aggressively unique Tesla models. The R1T was just released in 2022, so you can expect the number of vehicles sold to increase in the years to come.

XPENG Motors

XPENG is a Chinese startup that offers affordable, popular sedans and SUVs.
One of XPENG’s goals is to become a global EV company. The P7, P5, G3i, and G9 are excellent examples of what this Chinese startup can offer. These sedans and SUVs are affordable, practical, and highly popular. The company was founded in 2014 and is worth $16.28 billion as of May 2022.

Li Auto

Li Auto is one of China’s top three EV companies thanks to the Li ONE, a luxury EV SUV.
Since 2019, Li Auto has been manufacturing Li ONE, a six-seat luxury EV SUV. Named after its founder, Li Xiang, the company is focused mainly on producing luxury SUVs on the mainland to compete with American alternatives. The company’s net worth is $23,52 billion as of May 2022, making it one of the top three Chinese EV companies, along with NIO and BYD.


Tesla, Inc., formerly Tesla Motors, is committed not only to creating the most popular EV vehicles but also to providing sustainable energy solutions.
Tesla is practically synonymous with EV technology and production, creating not only models at various price ranges but also introducing unique features and styles into its lineup.

In 2022, Tesla had a net worth of approximately $828.85 billion, making it the most valuable automaker in the world. It also tops the charts in terms of sales per year. The company currently offers four electric vehicle models: Model S, Model X, Model Y, and Model 3. Other models in the works include the Cybertruck and Tesla Roadster, but they are promised to be available in 2023.

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